Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt from Episode 2 - Death in the Shadows

…you must go home, Vanora…
 Armando’s words haunted her as she packed her bags. Though she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she knew she would never return to her small apartment in South Austin. Her time here was at a close and all she had gained in this small city would now fade to memory.
Tucking a long strand of white-blond hair behind her ear, she glanced at her cellphone. Armando had left a number for her to call once she made her decision.  Biting her full bottom lip, she tried to ignore the fluttering inside her stomach. She could still feel the touch of his hand on her cheek and the cool power of his presence. It made her feel both vulnerable and safe.
Settling onto the end of her bed, she picked up the phone and stared at her reflection in the black glass. Armando had called her beautiful.  He didn’t find her ghostly white skin and hair unsightly and thought the lavender shade of her eyes was enchanting. Maybe it was the flush he had brought to her face, but for once Vanora could see her rare beauty.
Wiping a tear away, she activated the screen and quickly punched in the numbers she had memorized.  The same number she had pretended to ignore.
“Vanora,” Armando’s voice breathed, picking up after just the first ring.
“You’re right. I can’t hide,” she said, her voice tremulous.
“So you’re coming home…” Armando said. He sounded both pleased and sorrowful.
“Then I will see you again soon.”
Her heart beat a little faster as she licked her lips. “Yes.”
“Then I am pleased,” he said, and ended the call.
Clutching the phone to her breasts, Vanora took a deep breath before slowly exhaling it. Tears glittering in her eyes, her thoughts drifted to her family and the terrible fate that had befallen them.

Excerpt from In Darkness We Must Abide Episode 2: Death in the Shadows
Copyright Rhiannon Frater 2013 

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